Linda Y. L. Chen

Linda Chen was born in Taiwan. She graduated with a Bachelor of Art in English Literature from the Soochow University, in Taipei, Taiwan. After graduating, Linda worked in a computer company.

In 1997, Linda moved to Canada. She finds it a great personal challenge to live in another country, in another culture and speak another language outside the home. It is this climate that Linda felt In order to find her own personal place of freedom, she first needed to find a way to build her confidence. Several years after settling down in the town of Unionville, Ontario, while redecorating her bathroom, it occurred to Linda that if she can paint her walls, she can paint on canvas.

In the fall of 2006, with much encouragement from friends, Linda enrolled as a diploma student at the Toronto School of Art. Having always liked art, Linda feels art has given her a way to look for the personal place of freedom and develop her confidence.

This new learning opportunity has opened Linda’s eyes, enhancing her life as well as her artistic development. It also allows her to meet new friends with whom she shares this passion for art. In her new life as an immigrant, Linda felt this was a rare experience. She has a desire to share this particular experience with all her friends, and thus begn writing, in Chinese, and illustrating a series of short articles entitled “My Life as a TSA Student”. These articles are posted on Linda’s personal website,

Linda feels that it is only as an artist she can forcefully express the experience of immigration and living within a new culture, a feat achieved without the impediment of language. The struggle of forging a new life reminds her everyday that both as a person and an artist, she will ceaselessly be under construction. Her voice is shaped by this reality and it is the subject and theme of her entire body of work.

Curriculum Vitae Linda Chen